The Nasdaq Index ends the session up moderately at 0.72%

At market close, the Nasdaq-100 rises by 0.72% to 11590.4 points.

The trading session was not very active with a trading volume of 133.48 billion dollars. 1,003.08 million shares changed hands. 62 stocks finished in the green and 37 were down.

The best performance of the day was attributed to NVIDIA with 14.02% to 236.64 dollars. In second place on the podium, ANSYS closed the session at 294.75 dollars, up 10.48%, followed by Marvell Technology at 45.25 dollars (5.31%).

At the bottom of the pack is Lucid Group. The stock ends the trading session down -11.92% to 8.79 dollars. Moderna and eBay are also lagging behind.

Several stocks (ANSYS, Autodesk, Baidu, eBay, Fiserv, Intel, Intuit,, Lucid Group, Moderna, NetEase, Netflix, NVIDIA, Palo Alto Networks, Pinduoduo et Synopsys) recorded large trading volumes, one-third higher than their daily average.